Future Courses

Breast feeding / Nutritional  workshops.

In the near future I will be looking at carrying out Breast feeding and Nutritional workshops for anyone that may be interested. This can be done in small groups or on a 1 to 1 basis within the comfort of your own home.

Pregnancy Yoga:

Pregnancy Yoga is designed in order to help the mother to gain a more active and confident approach to birth.
Below are the core competencies which can be gained from Pregnancy yoga  (Taken from the Birthlight Web site)
  • A mapping of critical times in pregnancy when women can benefit most from yoga, drawing on both physiological charts and three decades of teaching experience.
  • A presentation of neuro-endocrinian processes in a format that is accessible and helpful for teachers of yoga for pregnancy and birth.
  • A special focus on oxytocin and cortisol in relation to maternal emotions and mother-fetus interaction.
  • ‘On the mat’ yoga practices and adaptations at different stages in pregnancy.
  • ‘Off the mat’ yoga practices that mums to be can use readily for centering and re-balancing themselves.
  • Instant practices for turning points in labour.
  • Postpartum stabilising with simple yoga.


All classes are 45 minutes in duration. With the exception of  Bouncing buggies. Parents will need to be in direct supervision of their child.

Additional Info  

All classes are for 45 minutes each on a 5 week block.
Unfortunately all payments are non-refundable due to the high number of people requiring classes.
Full payment is required for any new members to Baby Bunnies and a booking form will need emailing to me. The booking form can be found on our Contact Page .