What clothes should I wear to baby Yoga ?

You don’t need to go out and buy expensive Yoga clothes. Just come along in whatever you feel comfortable in such as tracksuit bottoms etc.

Are there other classes available outside the current ones advertised ?

I am more than happy to carry out private classes either on a one to one basis or within small groups.
I am also looking at going into local schools and private day nurseries this will be updated on the website as and when.

What is the group sizes ?

The maximum people in any one group is 12 with the exception of bouncing buggies this is 15.

What if I don’t like it ?

Unfortunately due to the large amount of interest I get I am unable to offer any refunds.

How soon after a C Section can I access one of the classes?

Once the Doctor / Midwife has satisfactorily signed you off at the 6 – 8 week postnatal check.

What if I have more than 1 Child / Baby?

Unfortunately all the classes are on a 1 to 1 basis (Parent to Child / Baby) and so you can only bring one child.
Crawlers to Walkers, Pre-school Yoga & Bouncing Buggies.
Brothers and sisters are welcome yet an additional fee may be payable. Please contact me for more information.



“I have now completed two baby massage courses with Nichola & thoroughly enjoyed them both. It’s great to have that special bonding time & learn how to massage baby correctly. I still use the techniques learnt at massage class at home to aid baby’s digestion & support her wellbeing. It’s great to see how relaxed she is at the end of each massage, her beaming smile says it all!”
Thank you for all your guidance & support.
Johanna, Thomas & Ava.

“I have known Nichola for 17 years, she looked after my children when they were little, and she has remained a true friend ever since. Nichola is completely trustworthy and honest, fabulous with children and will go the extra mile for anyone. I have watched her career in childcare develop, she works with great knowledge, enthusiasm and integrity and I am sure she will do well in her latest venture.”
Dr Anne Forbes

Epworth Children Centre is pleased to be working with Nichola from Baby Bunnies. Nichola runs a weekly class of Toddler Yoga and Baby Yoga from the Children Centre. Nichola has vast experience and knowledge in child development and has a friendly and warm approach to each family individually. Over the weeks the toddlers have developed and grown in their confidence and more importantly the strengthening of the bonding and attachment from the newborn babies with their parent who is new to being a parent and often tired has been the most special part of the session to observe as the family spends a special time together. Parents come away from the session feeling totally relaxed and nurtured by such an amazing practitioner who gives her time to each and everyone of them. The children, smile, respond, communicate and now know the routine of the session all of which makes the Baby yoga one of the best sessions of the week for our families in our community and this is down to Nichola giving her time to them.
Thanks again Nichola for working with Epworth Surestart Children Centre.
Sam Croxall
Centre Manager

I started bouncing buggies approximately 5 weeks ago and I’m glad to say I’m so glad I did!
Having a 9 month old daughter I felt I could no longer get away with feeling fat and justifying it by saying ‘I’ve just had a baby’! It was time to bite the bullet and lose some baby weight otherwise I would still be saying ‘I’ve just had a baby’ and my daughter would be 15!!!!!
Although I found attending the initial class quite daunting I was immediately made to feel welcome. Jenna is lovely, enthusiastic and motivational!
The classes are set in a lovely surrounding and it’s great to chat to other mums!
As a breast feeding mummy your told that you burn 500 calories a day by doing so, what the professionals don’t tell you is that you probably put twice as much back in as your always ravenous! These classes really push you and you definitely feel like you’ve done a work out by the end, which really appeals to me and that then in turn makes me more conscious of the  food that I intake.
I’m pleased to say that I have lost 8lbs already and hope to continue to lose more. I would definitely recommend attending to any new mum.
Hope this helps!
Laura Taylor

We first met Nichola when my son and I signed up for a baby massage class.  Baby massage has some amazing benefits for carer and baby and it has been a wonderful addition to our bedtime routine. It relaxes Isaac preparing him for bed and from the initial rubbing oil between my hands (the way of asking his permission to massage) he giggles and relaxes.
Nichola is a fantastic teacher, full of knowledge and eager to share. As a mother herself she understands and is always praising you and offering handy tips. The classes are a great way to meet other mums too and there’s always time made for socialising. So when she asked if we would be interested in baby yoga I signed us up straight away. In the yoga classes there is something for baby and carer; stretching, relaxing, singing, movement and plenty of cuddles for the babies. Isaac immediately recognises Nichola’s voice which relaxes him and she always has cuddles with him and the other babies.
We both love her class and can’t wait to continue into toddler yoga and beyond.’
I hope this is okay and what you were after, if it’s not let me know.
Not sure if we will make yoga today as we are off to a charity coffee morning (with a car full of cakes!!) raising money for Sheffield children’s hospital, so a fab cause. And the baking has been good practice for your garden party!
Did you want done photos too, or are you using the ones from Andy?
See you soon
Rebecca and Isaac

I LOVE bouncing buggies! I put on 4.5 stone when I was pregnant so had a lot to lose once I had given birth to my little boy. I was also very unfit with next to no time to go to the gym. I heard about bouncing buggies through a friend and have been going since my little boy was 8 weeks old (he’s now nearly 6 months old!) it’s a tough workout, but varied every week which keeps it interesting. Jenna who takes the class is really good at keeping you motivated and is always cheerful whatever the time and weather. If any of the babies start to cry,she is always on hand to rock the pushchair or take them out and hold them/feed them with their mum’s permission. This helps keep stress at bay and allows the mums to get on with their workouts. If you want to get a good work out and meet some nice people but don’t want to leave your baby at home this is the class for you-I couldn’t recommend it highly enough