Baby Massage

Baby Massage:

All our baby massage classes are completely baby-led and parents are encouraged to feed, change nappies and comfort their babies as and when they feel the need to do so.
A lot of the mums arrive earlier to the classes in order to feed their babies prior to the classes starting,  however if this is not possible then feel free to do it as and when required.
The main aim of the class is for parents and baby to have fun. At no point will anyone ever be made to feel under pressure to “perform”, having 2 children myself I am fully aware that there is no such thing as the perfect baby so don’t be worried if your child is not cooperating in the first few classes.

So why Baby Massage?

Baby massage helps with the bonding between parent and baby, it also helps with skin problems, colic, digestive problems and helps by relaxing the parent and baby which helps improve sleep.

Additional Info

Massage oils will be provided at each class and a certificate will be given at the end of each 5 week block as a “keep Sake”.
Could all parents bring with them a towel for their baby.
Our Baby Bunnies classes are based in and around the Doncaster area, all our classes are in a relaxed atmosphere and the main emphasis is based around interacting with your child and having fun.
People are encouraged to interact with other parents as this will help forge new long lasting friendships.



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